Update Your Old Toilet For Water Conservation Benefit

Your Home Water Useage: 30 Percent Just To Flush

Kohler high efficiency toiletWhen it comes to saving water, easily one of the best things you can do for your home and the environment is to replace that old water  toilet with a new, water-saving model.

While there are conversion kits available that claim some success at converting an old toilets to a more efficient style, they don’t have the power or efficiency of current models. Placing bricks in the tank, another DIY trick to conserve, usually means you end up having to flush twice or more to achieve success.

Low flow toilets have been required in new construction for years. Early models didn’t always perform as advertised, but today the technology used to achieve water savings is reliable and efficient.

The minimum Federal standard calls for a maximum 1.6 gallons of water per flush (gpf), but just like the automotive industry, toilet manufacturers are constantly researching ways to improve on that figure. How low can they go? There are new models on the market that use as little as 1.1 gpf, which is an amazingly small amount of water for a flush toilet.

Find A Model That’s Just Right For You

Low flow toilets come in three configurations, gravity feed, dual flush, and power flush. Gravity feed models are usually quieter, dual flush toilets offer a low or high setting depending on the function, while power flush models use water pressure to compress air that in turn is used for a forced flush.

Power flush toilets can sometimes be a little noisy, but they’re also the most effective at water conservation. Other options include floor mounted and wall hung styles.

Options And Styles Are Virtually Limitless

Have a lot of men in the house? You might want to add a urinal, which typically use less than 1 gpf. There are even waterless models available that are quite effective.

Your new toilet is available as a two-piece (tanks and bowl) model or in a sleek, elegant one-piece design. All the major manufacturers have a wide selection of colors, finishes, and designs to fit every budget.

We can help you select just the right model, or we’d be happy to recommend a decorating professional if you need a more personalized approach. Some of our favorites are Toto, Kohler, Briggs, American Standard, and Saniflo.

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