Add Fresh Color To Your Kitchen

Kohler Indio undermount in Frost

Turn Ho-Hum Into Wow!

There’s a new trend in kitchen design, and that’s durable, versatile colored sinks now available in a broad range of hues ranging from bright and shiny to muted earthtones.

Kohler offers a broad palette of top or undermount cast iron originals finished in 23 bold colors that include fresh pastel tones like Palermo Blue and Piccadilly Yellow.

Blanco’s fashion statements feature eight subtle shades including cafe brown and metallic gray available in their legendary scratch resistant 80% solid granite SILGRANIT sink line.

Do Your Homework, Then Decide

Though it goes without saying, we’ll say it anyway: do your (color harmony) homework first if you’re thinking of coloring outside the lines. One of the reasons traditional stainless is so popular is because it’s so forgiving. On the other hand, making a statement by definition means taking a risk.

If you’re not strong in the color theory department, don’t hesitate to seek out an expert opinion from a showroom or interior decorator. With a proper match to walls, floors, and appliances, your sink will be a much admired focal point of that new or remodeled kitchen.

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