What’s New With Baths

sound therapy plus with Bluetooth tub from Kohler

Bathtime Gets Connected

Think you’ve been overlooked by America’s Got Talent? If it’s been awhile since you thought about updating your ’60s bathroom, you’d be surprised at what’s available these days to enhance your bathing experience.

Kohler's moxie showerhead speaker sounds greatHigh tech has taken over throughout the industry. Not just in state-of-the-art design, materials and construction, but in a feature-rich selection of tubs and shower accessories that among other add-ons introduces a new dimension of sound to the ritual.

Along with other leading brands, Kohler’s been busy innovating the two activities we (usually) reserve for ourselves: showering and bathing.

Using Bluetooth technology and space age materials, they’ve introduced sound therapy in the form of their Moxie speaker showerhead combination, and the amazing VibrAcoustic line of tubs with built in speakers.

Whether you’re looking at a remodel or new construction, take time to check out all the new features available from the leading manufacturers and consider what’s right for you.


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