The Tech Toilet Revolution

TOTO Washlet is a very popular toilet accessory.

TOTO’s innovative Washlet is a Green toilet accessory that doesn’t depend on paper products to deliver¬† a sanitary bathroom experience.

The Techno Toilet Revolution

Innovations in personal bathroom hygiene are raising eyebrows, generating smiles, and emptying pocketbooks as manufacturers rush to introduce the latest and greatest in fixtures that incorporate major improvements in how we tend to our business.

Architecturally, there’s no mistaking new products like Toto’s Neorest. A blend of classic design and practical interpretation, this amazing toilet stands out like a Ferrari in a Walmart parking lot.

A Brief History of Toilets

The development of the first flush toilet is usually credited to 16th-century England’s original WC. But it wasn’t until the development of microprocessors combining with modern manufacturing concepts that Toto was able to introduce the Washlet, a stand-alone seat that incorporates all manner of washing and rinsing solutions that don’t depend on familiar paper products for fulfillment. Or what Toto refers to as, “‚Ķtraditional bathroom rituals.”

Today, there’s a wide selection of electronic toilets available from most major manufacturers, in styles ranging from pure function to elegant refinement. At Wilson Plumbing Austin, we’re more than just a little enthusiastic when it comes to this new age of toilet innovation.

TOTO Washlet Toilet Accessory – And More

We’re really excited about the Washlet, a highly developed adaptation of the original French bidet. This high-tech seat has rung up more than 34 million sales globally since its introduction, our customers are fully satisifed, and it’s now receiving coverage as much for its functionality as for the novelty of a warm air and spritz on a cold winter morning.

From Bill and Melinda Gates championing a global wave of low cost, reliable and technically advanced Third World initiatives to a toilet concept capable of micro-generating electricity under development in South Korea, there’s never been a more innovative time for indoor plumbing in the estimated 5,000 year history of sewerage.

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