Metallic Accents Warm Up Kitchen

Options For Lighting, Backsplashes

Upgrade Your Space With Metallics

Sometimes the thought of adding one more stainless appliance, light fixture, cabinet pull, or side-by-side sink can put the brakes on any thought of a remodel or rehab. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available today that can transform the clinical environment of all stainless into a warm, homey atmosphere with traces of copper, bronze, or other warming metallic finishes.

Quick and easy? Go for cabinet and drawer pulls. Lighting can either be DIY or installed. There are several high quality, high appeal alternatives to the same old Big Box sink options, especially the Native Trails line of copper for kitchen and bath.

Sheet Goods Extend Range of Hard Surface Choices

Want a source for real visual excitement? Investigate Chemetal’s unique line of beautiful metallic sheet goods for custom cabinetry, backsplashes, or accent wall surfaces, below.

chemetal samplesThere’s no denying a big part of stainless’ appeal over the years is that simply put, it doesn’t clash. If you’re going to try an alternative look, you can avoid the potential cacophony of too many colors and finishes by limiting your palette to one dominant hue.

In the end, a simple approach probably works best, by letting the intrinsic color and finish of your choices speak for themselves. Coupled with sound layout, quality construction, and professional installation, the results will leave your visitors impressed and your daily lifestyle refreshed. For more on how to use mixed metals in the kitchen, read this Kohler rundown on when and where to apply accents and finishes.

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