Celebrate World Plumbing Day March 11

World Plumbing Day Promotes Water Preservation

world plumbing day poster

World Plumbing Day was first observed on March 11, 2011. Since its inception, the site has compiled a collection of FAQs, press releases, and activities to promote and encourage a responsible approach towards preserving clean, safe water.

Coincidentally, the New York Times published a long overdue article on the “flushability” of hygenic wipes, and the enormous amount of damage they cause to municipal waste processing systems.

“I agree that they’re flushable,” said Tim Haapala, operations manager for the Charleston Sanitary Board. “A golf ball is flushable, but it’s not a good idea.”

We’re Ruining Our Own Water Supply

World Plumbing Day looks at both technology and passive conservation methods that can, and should be, used to preserve and protect our dwindling reserves of potable water sources. By now, most of us are familiar with low flow mandatory toilets and limited flow faucets and showerheads. Increasingly, these methods of conserving and preserving are being augmented with digital technology and software that can help maintain greater control over wasteful useage.

Even though western countries face increasing threats to their water sources, both in availability and in quality, under and undeveloped countries are bearing the brunt of easy access to safe drinking water.

We’re All In This Together

How we react to current and future challenges to our dwindling supplies of safe, clean, drinkable water depends entirely on the actions we take today. Wilson Plumbing’s first greywater home is proof that efforts at the local level can pay dividends all the way up the line.

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