Japanese Soaking Tub And Garden

Soaking Tub Garden Oasis

Neglected Outdoor Shower Turned Into Spa Oasis

This Massachusetts homeowner rescued an abandoned outdoor shower by turning it into a beautifully proportioned, Japanese inspired outdoor soaking tub that’s much more than the sum its minimal footprint might suggest.

The restored structure is a woodworkers dream of cedar, oak, and mahogany built on the old bones of the neglected cold water only shower. Now updated with wi-fi and the addition of essential hot water for year-round use, the wooden vessel was custom-built by an Alaskan firm that specializes in traditional Japanese soaking tubs.

On their way to enjoying a relaxing soak in the tub, bathers pass through a lavender filled garden bordered by hydrangea, free to luxuriate in a warm, comforting environment that washes away the debilitating effects of a stress filled day.


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