Getting The Most Out Of Your Laundry Room

Laundry Room Storage Upgrade

Plenty Of Functionality, Style Touches

Getting the most out of your laundry room upgrade means designing for storage, making sure the appliances fit, and checking that the workflow is right for your style of living.

This 150 sq. foot space features include a deep sink and tall faucet that can accommodate a mop bucket for easy cleanup, and a fold-down ironing board that stores away in a wall mounted cabinet when not in use and that doesn’t gobble up valuable floor space.

Paint Color Plays Important Role

One important aspect of this comfortable work room is the use of an extended color palette that blends several different colors in a subtle, harmonious way. When using more than two or three basic colors, it can be difficult to avoid ending up with a conflicting mess of out-of-synch hues and shades. If you’re unsure, it’s easy enough to test paint schemes ahead of time.

The under counter wicker baskets are perfect for tossing dirty laundry into, and the small window over the sink opens up the space and avoids a closed in look.

The continuous counter allows plenty of room for folding the laundry, while open shelving combined with contemporary cabinets offer plenty of storage. The overall color and style create a relaxing space that makes wash day not quite the chore it usually is.

Budget Sets Options

If you’re looking for more information on ways to refresh that worn out laundry room, check out these budget options that start at $300 and stop just short of the moon. You might be surprised at how easy it is to get a fresh makeover without breaking the bank.

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