Wilson Plumbing 2018 Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner

Angie’s List Winner For Ninth Year

2018 Ninth Year In A Row For Super Service Honor

We’re pleased to again receive the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award (SSA) for the ninth year in a row. The 2018 Super Service Award marks an unbroken string of achievements that stretches back to 2010.

Those selected by consumer reviewed web site Angie’s List are recognized as trade professionals who have maintained exceptional service ratings and reviews throughout 2018. Continue reading

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Smart Options for Bathroom Decor and Appliances

Toilet Hi-Tech Keeps Expanding

DXV Toilet

It’s easier than ever to create your own private spa, with new options for finishes (including metallics and waterproof wallpaper) and smart toilet choices like this DXV AT200.

Advances in manufacturing, materials, and technology means homeowners no longer have to settle for “average” when designing or remodeling a home’s ultimate refuge, the bathroom. Today, the range of toilet choices and surface options is virtually unlimited. Paints, metallics, and now advanced wallpaper selections join tile, marble, terrazzo, and other hard surfaces when it comes to appearance.

Today’s Bathroom Is A Spa Retreat for Relaxing

At the same time, the toilet selections, including an expanding line of wall hung models, available for the most important appliance in the house presents homeowners with a real dilemma when it comes to updating or new construction. Smart toilets have been around for awhile, and while the sky’s the limit when it comes to price and features (Kohler’s Numi 2.0), adding a high tech seat is a good compromise that delivers smart performance at a fraction of the cost of a fully configured toilet.

To get an idea of the range of features, styles, and options available, this list of high-tech toilets—with one decidedly basic alternative thrown in—this article lists locations around the world where you can discover the high-tech experience before you buy.

Waterproof Wallpaper? Yes, It’s A Thing

waterproof wallpaperFinish options for the bathroom are also getting a lot of attention, including an amazing new line of wallpaper that can even be used in the shower. Realistic looking marble is just one of the choices for this old is new again surface treatment which, unlike hard surfaces—tile, marble, etc—can be changed without a lot of fussing about.

Architectural Digest highlights one manufacturer’s line of waterproof wallpaper, and from a distance it’s difficult to tell the real from the reproduction. The options for bathroom remodeling, refinishing, and expanding have never been better. Now’s the time for a total spa makeover.

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High Tech Takeover

A New Day for Modern Living

home appliances go high tech

Wi-fi, Bluetooth, IoT, and IFTTT scripts monitor and manage Smart System devices.

Connectivity Is the Key

If you haven’t kept a close eye on the Smart Home progress made in developing and improving the entire range of household appliances we take for granted, get ready for a big surprise.

Nearly all the improvements and new product introductions taking place now promise some form of energy efficiency, conservation, user convenience, or comfort, based on the low cost of advanced computer technology in the form of smart phones, cheap chips, the spread of wi-fi, and ubiquitous Bluetooth connectivity.

These days consumers expect, if not demand, some type of phone app that lets them keep in touch with their home or office.

These days consumers expect, if not demand, some type of phone app that lets them keep in touch with their home or office. Refrigerators that inventory commonly shopped for groceries, ovens that can be controlled from afar, washing machines that sense the dirt level of the clothes being washed, and of course home security including doorbell cameras and motion detectors, all are marketed with a message that stresses how easy it is to stay up-to-date even when you’re miles away.

From monitoring usage stats to remotely controlling HVAC functions, technology is at the heart of even our most mundane appliances. Today, we can check on the health of an appliance and its operational status with a couple of swipes and touches on our phones or by asking a question of our smart system from Google, Amazon, and others. It’s a new day for modern living, but that doesn’t come without a cost. Every time a new connection is established, another chunk of privacy is sacrificed, and the potential risk from hacking grows along with it.

Tankless Hot Water Saves Big On Energy Expense

Continue reading

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Austin Net Zero Powers This Culinary Startup

Austin Culinary Startup A Net Zero Hero

World Class Resource Helps Train Future Food Pros

For Austinite Joi Chevalier, an e-commerce tech worker turned culinary entrepreneur, her career course made a 180-turn the day she decided a net-zero culinary resource was her new North star, one that includes a presentation at James Beard House along with outreach at local farmer’s markets.

For nearly 20 years, Ms. Chevalier’s profession was marketing for the tech industry, where she used data analysis and user behavior to personalize online experiences for her clients. But throughout that career her passion was cooking, a dream that she would realize after graduating from Austin’s Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. But unlike other graduates of the cooking program, her goal was to combine the knowledge gained from her work in tech with a vision of a carbon neutral cooking haven that would in turn provide training, resources, guidance, and above all opportunity to Austin’s renowned food and restaurant scene.

The Cook’s Nook Introduces New Standard

Continue reading

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Austin Energy 2019 Cool House Tour

Save the Date! Cool House Tour 2019

The 23rd Annual Cool House Tour Set For June 9th

This year Wilson Plumbing doubled down and sponsored two standout homes in a stellar collection that can only be described as amazing.

We collaborated with our good friend Adam Lucas at A.R. Lucas Construction on a stunning solar powered, sustainable two-story built specifically for Austin’s challenging climate.

Constructed on what can only be described as a challenging site, the finished home was designed and built specifically to co-exist with the narrow lot and the restrictive tree root zones. The result is a place specific ensemble of the latest in building techniques and conservation theory.

Austin’s First Whole House Greywater Installation

Wilson Plumbing installed bathroomOur second entry is a ground breaking, first-of-its-kind greywater installation that we began over three years ago. This home is recognized by the City of Austin as a Net-Zero Hero that also features solar power, geothermal home heating and cooling, and solar water heating.

The tour takes place Sunday, June 9th, from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. Get your tickets early for this once a year showcase of outstanding architecture featuring the latest in conservation, decorating trends, finishes, and environmental sustainability.

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Armadillo Awards Nominates Wilson Plumbing

We’re Nominated for Armadillo Awards!

We’re In It to Win It! Vote! March 18-April 5, 2019

Hello Austin! We’ve been nominated for a 2019 Armadillo Award in the category of Just Because We Love You, and we really need your vote to win! VOTE! for us here (scroll down to find the list right after Taste of Austin). We’re up against a ton of stiff competition — lots of favorites there — so please vote, share this post, and suggest to your friends that they do the same.

This is our first time to be nominated for the Armadillo Awards, which celebrate Austin’s unique LOCAL business culture with a lot of Austin strut thrown in, and we’d sure appreciate your vote.

Awards Party April 25 — Historic Scottish Rite Theatre

Winners will be announced April 25th, at the free Armadillo Awards Party held at the historic Scottish Rite Theatre. Don’t forget your dancing boots! RSVP here for a great evening featuring local music, local food, and a Dillo Fundraiser Raffle and show, all celebrating the best in Austin vibe and culture.

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Guarding Against Flooding In The Home

How Can You Keep Your Home Safe?

It’s bad enough if your home floods when you’re there. Much worse, though, when you’re away and have no clue about the disaster that’s occurring under your roof when one appliance or another fails, or a pipe bursts, and the damage goes unchecked for hours, days, or even weeks.

Today, thanks to technology to the rescue, it’s easier than ever to keep track of your home’s infrastructure by monitoring conditions using a variety of devices and applications.

New Devices Are Smart, Affordable

Today, major manufacturers have developed a wide range of products and devices to help combat the flooding that can occur when valves fail, pipes burst, hoses blow out, or tanks corrode.

Smart devices with built-in alerts include water heaters, washing machines, and refrigerators. Inline sensors and bluetooth widgets that connect via wi-fi to your personal communications and can also alert you to problems before they become disasters.

Today’s digitally equipped appliances and smart home devices provide constant monitoring that will signal your smart phone wherever you are, with news that can help you minimize the physical and financial damage that can occur when plumbing fails.

Monitoring Your Home Appliances

Consumers now have the upper hand when it comes to home mechanical diagnostics. Knowing what’s available, and what that can mean for your peace-of-mind, makes a huge difference in maintenance and upkeep. From major appliances to inexpensive mobile sensors, keeping track of the health of your pipes is now easily accomplished.

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Garbage Disposers and Disposals — Facts And Misconceptions

Garbage Disposers Q & A

InSinkErator LT 880

Today’s Modern Garbage Disposal Is A Precision Electronic Device

There’s one kitchen appliance that for most of us who have one in our home seems more like it belongs on a workbench in the garage then suspended under the sink. Garbage disposers, or disposals, have been around for nearly a century, busily, and for most of the time, noisily, taking big chunks of food waste and turning it into little chunks that can travel on down the drain instead of ending up in the landfill.

As unlikely as it may seem, there are probably more myths about what this heavy duty food processing machine can do than Bigfoot sightings in the Pacific Northwest. Not to mention that the device goes by several interchangeable names, including the Canadian label, garburator. Maybe a carburetor for garbage? Who knows?

Garbage disposals, or food waste disposers depending on the company you’re in at the time, have gone from luxury to essential, from high-end optional to standard, for reasons that go far beyond convenience. And today’s machines are a far cry from their early Continue reading

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Country Faces Urgent Need For New Vo-Tech Trade Schools

U.S. Urgently Needs Recruits For Trades

vo-tech trades offer better careers

High Tech Trade Schools Filling Needs Across Country

A quiet trend that’s building across the country is the realization by state governments and private industry that a vocational trades education is an essential option for young people starting out, and that the trades can be just as financially rewarding, if not more so, than a traditional, and increasingly expensive, college degree.

“Readers of a certain age are likely to have fond memories of huddling over wooden workbenches learning a craft such as woodwork or maybe metal work, or any one of the hands-on projects that characterized the once-ubiquitous shop class.”

High schools and trade colleges have struggled for decades to attract students to career-oriented tech classes teaching dozens of much needed hands-on skills ranging from welding to nursing to plumbing.

Today, according to economic modeling company Emsi, skilled trades and the arts show some of the highest earning potential among all job categories, including white collar occupations that have long enjoyed the high ground of compensation. Continue reading

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Freestanding Tubs, Larger Showers Popular

Larger Showers Replacing Bathtubs

Kohler acrylic freestanding tub

Kohler’s Veil freestanding tub is the focal point in this Modern Fusion bathroom theme.

According to recent trends, the popularity of bathtubs is on the wane. When it comes to remodeling, about one in four households that have bathtubs are replacing them, usually with a larger shower. At the same time, households that are hanging on to their bathtubs can now indulge their senses by converting a strictly functional room into a personal spa oasis.

For those opting to indulge in a nice, hot soak the leading choice for a replacement is a freestanding design. Freestanding designs come in two versions, partial and full. A partial freestanding tub hooks up to a conventional in the wall faucet and filler, while a full freestanding uses a floor-mounted filler and faucet. If you’re considering a freestanding tub, here’s what to look for in terms of design and construction.

Your Tub Choices Are Nearly Limitless

Even though bathtub use is declining, the variety of tubs available in the marketplace is growing, in large part due to new materials and improved manufacturing methods. New materials now cover everything from carbon fiber to acrylic, while still supporting an extensive range of options in wood, marble, and stone.

Improvements in modern manufacturing techniques mean higher quality steel tubs and extended finishes on traditional cast iron. The pros and cons of nine popular materials include cost, heat retention, surface, scratch resistance, weight, etc.

From Marble to Plastic, Materials Free The Imagination

Acrylic’s advantages include a wide range of colors and an infinite choice of shapes. Large slabs of plastic are molded to the desired shape using heat to soften the acrylic sheets. The process results in a non-porous smooth surface that retains heat, although the plastic is subject to scratching.

Fiberglas is another material that’s been adapted to the bathing scene, which isn’t that far removed from a boat or a pool. Compared to steel or cast iron, lighter weight is a real benefit when it comes to ease of installation and structural requirements, especially on a second floor or higher which might need additional re-enforcement to support the weight.

Acrylic and cast iron both have excellent heat retention qualities, and depending on how much bathing is done that feature alone could result in considerable energy savings over the lifetime of the tubs. In the case of cast iron, that lifetime lasts forever.

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