Upgrade To Quarter-Turn Valves

Advantages of Quarter-Turn Ball Valves

Install a quarter-turn valve on appliances to simplify service, eliminate problems

Installing a quarter-turn valve on appliances simplifies service, eliminate problems.

Dependable, Reliable, Long Lasting

Quarter-turn faucets are now the default control valve used throughout the home, and for good reason. Performance, ease of use, and longevity make quarter-turn valves much more reliable than old style multi-turn (compression) gasket valves that are especially susceptible to failure when used infrequently.

For decades, the multi-turn compression gasketed valve was in use everywhere around the home, and most homes still have at least a few still in use, in bathrooms, kitchens, and outside.

From bathroom fixture, under sink, and clothes washer shut-off valves to outdoor hose bibs to lawn irrigation, the quarter-turn design lends itself to reliable, maintenance free operation, especially in situations that don’t see that much use over time. If you’ve ever had a sink or toilet shut-off snap off in your hand or fail to seal you appreciate what corrosion and gasket deterioration can mean in an emergency.

Quarter-Turn Is Simple And Efficient

No gaskets means nothing to rot or wear down. No bushings means nothing to corrode, jam, or otherwise fail just when you need your valve to work. And instead of cranking endlessly to shut off the water supply – particularly awkward in undersink situations or in an emergency – just a quick flip of the lever guarantees no surprises when you break the connection downstream.

Other considerations for replacing your gasketed valve with a quarter-turn include not having to worry about matching obsolete parts from the countless styles and models manufactured over the years.

If there’s a downside to replacing your multi-turn valve with a quarter-turn version, it’s that should a quarter-turn fail, the entire valve has to be replaced, and that usually involves soldering unless it’s a push-on connection.

When You Need To Replace

Replacing your old style valves with a new, convenient quarter-turn at the time of service could save you headaches down the road. In the case of the water heater shown above, a new valve had to be installed when the old compression valve failed after it was closed in one direction and couldn’t be reopened after the tank had been drained and flushed.

The cold water supply to the refrigerator icemaker is a quarter-turn also, which makes for easy service to the appliance when needed.

One thing that’s important to remember about quarter-turn valves — easy does it when reopening the valve. Easing it open allows the gradual restoration of pressure to lines and appliances.

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